Ik geef training in frontend tools en stacks als HTML, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Angular en Vue. Ik schrijf boeken en artikelen over tal van (ICT-) onderwerpen. Ik was lead developer en directeur bij Yindo - Jouw digitale bibliotheek. Je kunt mij volgen op Twitter(@PeterKassenaar).

In dit blog vind je persoonlijke artikelen, die niet noodzakelijk tech-gerelateerd zijn.

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New online course: Productive Coding with WebStorm

I’m happy to announce that as of today, my new course “Productive Coding with WebStorm” is available on the online training platform Udemy.

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JetBrains WebStorm is the perfect editor for web developers. It is a full featured IDE that provides all the tools and features for developers in JavaScript, Typescript, NodeJS and of course HTML and CSS.

This brief training will show you how to best use WebStorm to be as productive as possible. You will learn many useful tricks to work faster. You'll see all the possibilities to customize the user interface, using keyboard shortcuts and write your code superfast by creating and using Live Templates. Also you'll learn how WebStorm supports your workflow and lets you use tools like Gulp, NPM or Github, all without leaving your editor!

The course is specifically intended for WebStorm, but is also extremely valuable for users of other JetBrains editors like IntelliJ, PHPStorm, PyCharm and others.


This course covers the following topics:

  • Welcome and introduction
  • Downloading and installing WebStorm
  • Touring the IDE and setting up your working environment
  • Adapting the UI to meet your personal needs
  • Coding faster in JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML and CSS
  • Using build- and workflow tools right from the IDE
  • Git- and Github integration
  • Testing your RESTful Services with the REST Client
  • Adding and deleting plugins
  • Other tips and tricks

If you have any questions on this course, feel free to contact me.

Order now with a 30% discount!

Peter Kassenaar
-- 12 July 2016