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I recently got into gaming on an Xbox 360. Maybe you have read my newbie blog post on the racing game Midnight Club: Los Angeles. Compared to that post, I can tell you that I've just reached 100% career progression on the game. It took me an insane amount of time (70+ hrs. of gameplay), but this of course was due to the lack of racing skills on my side :-).

So basically, this is 'game over' for me. Sure, you can race for fun, or just do the missions again that you've already completed, but without the pressure of real game progression, this is far less fun.


But wait - I don't have all the Xbox Live achievements yet! I was on 790/1000 points when I decided to go for one of the hardest achievements in the game, the True Dedication achievement, worth 100 points.

In short: you have to complete different kind of goals for every race in the game (currently 100) and do so in a single race. This means you have to do every race in the game, win it, finish the race with less than 25% damage on your vehicle and beat a given time for that race.


Yes, this is a hard achievement!


True Dedication Progression Application

Within the game there is little indication of how far you've progressed when going for this achievement. So I decided to write my own progression tracking application. I put in a small registration/login system, so it's a multi user application.

The application enables you to show all MCLA-races completed by course, by time, by area, etc. Also the app will let the user filter or sort the complete Goal Attack list by area, by race type etc.

If you are after the True Dedication achievement yourself, give it a look. You're welcome to register.

Check it out at http://www.kassenaar.com/td/.

Best of all (if I may say so myself :-), you can leave your comments on a race by race base. This might be very helpful to others when they are trying to achieve the goals for the same race you have already completed.

Let me know what you think by leaving a message below, or drop me a note at info@kassenaar.com.

Thanks for reading,
-- Peter Kassenaar, 3 april 2009.

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29-04-2009 10:15 #

firstly, this site design reminds me to my friend, Smile
sounds nice game.. Laughing

Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009 United States

10-06-2009 03:13 #

it's a good game.thanks for sharing

Unibet turf France

12-08-2009 09:04 #

this trophy for PS3 is so fucking har dudes!!

tom United States

19-08-2009 12:20 #

It took me about 50 hours to reach 100% career progression, i thought it was a bit easier than similar games of its genre


03-09-2009 11:49 #

I'd personally rather have a good game of Mario Kart.

ugg boots United Kingdom

07-09-2009 06:13 #

Wow, that really is a difficult achievement!

Does that mean you managed to complete it?

Drums Doncaster United Kingdom

07-09-2009 06:14 #

As ugg boots said, I'd prefer to go on Mario Kart. I love that game.

Tech Blog United Kingdom

08-09-2009 11:57 #


Can anyone tell where can I buy the radicals new released pc game prototype online?

Fireworks United States

23-09-2009 02:36 #

Well you've beat my 90h record, gj Smile

format computer United States

01-10-2009 04:36 #

70+ hours just to master the game..wow that was alot of hours. Well, maybe i too really love the game, i surely well spend much hour. Thank for sharing the fun.  

iphone unlock United States

05-10-2009 10:01 #

i love to play racing in my xbox while playing my favorite musics its like adrenaline pumping trip. LOL

panini United States

23-10-2009 09:19 #

I posted your article to my myspace profile.



aion kina United States

23-10-2009 09:37 #

Thank you,
happy racing.


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