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Tomb Raider Wallpapers

OK, so this is one of the (I hope rare) fanboy-ish blogposts I do. You see, I’ve been a long time Lara Croft/Tomb Raider fan. This February my wife gave me a (home made) Tomb Raider-coupon for my birthday, enabling me to buy or pre-order the new game the day it comes available.

Well, we’re not there yet, but at least now we’ve got a trailer. And it is a stunning one!

Yes, I know it is a GC-generated trailer (aren’t they all?), but if the quality of the final game is only half as great as it is in this trailer, it will still be fine with me. I played the trailer from YouTube on 1080p HD-quality and made some screenshots that I’ve turned into wallpapers. I thought I’d share them with you (is that OK, @CrystalDKarl?)

At the moment they’re only 1920x1200 (a bit distorted from the original video dimensions, therefore), but you can cut, crop and resize them yourself to suit your monitor size. Below is a link to the original trailer on YouTube.

The only letdown is now that the game is only scheduled for a fall 2012 release. Still more than a year in the waiting… <sigh>.










Trailer on YouTube

Tomb Raider "Turning Point" Debut Trailer [US Version] in HD quality


Peter Kassenaar
--03 juni 2011